Scenic areas

The province of Groningen has over 7,500 hectares of , a number of which are accessible by the public. Wonderful for cycling or walking tours.

There are various types of landscapes in Groningen: terp, village, and dyke landscapes. Vast open polders form the most characteristic part of the Oldambt. Northeast Groningen is a region made almost entirely by human hands. Not an official nature reserve, it does however include the De Tjamme small nature reserve at the outskirts of Finsterwolde. This area is owned by the Dutch Forestry Commission and owes its name to a small streamlet traversing the area. There are about sixty Scottish highlander cattle and, during high tide, it serves as the resting and foraging area of birds that normally live in the Dollard.


Westerwolde, in the most south-eastern tip of the province, was originally a part of the largest marshland of northwest Europe, the Bourtanger Moor. A sand ridge crosses this area between Ter Apel and Blijham. The historic area shows all kinds of signs of the influence of human beings; such as old ashes near Vlagtwegge and Sellingen.

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