Lauwersmeer National Park

The Lauwersmeer National Park has something for everyone: pastures, reed lands, wooded areas, little beaches and ofcourse the water of the lake. An extensive network of footpaths takes in waving reeds, magnificent orchid fields, and through young wooded areas. Cycle fans can pedal to their heart’s content in the Ballastplaatbos wood and Kollumeroord in the southwest. Jaap Deensgat, Roodkeelplasje, and Ezumakeeg are of high interest to many bird-watchers as these locations guarantee that they come across particular species of birds, including harrier and bittern. Water fans can get on board wherever and whenever they want: try a round trip boat or follow your own route in a canoe, sailing or motorboat.

The Lauwersmeer National Park largely consists of water, thus constituting an attractive sailing area for canoes, sailboards, open boats, and saloon yachts. Water sports enthusiasts have sufficient space to guarantee enough room, even during the high season. Moor your boat at one of the four marinas or at one of the special jetties or recreational islands. If you did not bring your own boat, no problem: there are several boat hire companies. Take a sailing excursion if you do not want to sail yourself and would like to admire the National Park from another angle.

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