Museums and Monuments

Maybe you are familiar with the Groningen Museum, but do you also know the Stripmuseum (Comic Strip Museum), or the Grafisch (Graphic) Museum? An art-loving city such as Groningen naturally has many galleries with regularly changing exhibitions all year round.

Groninger Museum

The Groningen Museum is located opposite the main central station and is the most high-profile museum in the Netherlands. This is due not only to its striking design by Italian architect Mendini, but also because of varying exhibitions, including works by Russian painter Repin, American photographer Andres Serrano, and Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf. The permanent collection consists of a large assembly of porcelain and works by the Groningen artists’ collective De Ploeg.

Nederlands Strip Museum (Dutch Comic strip Museum)

The Nederlands Stripmuseum is the newest museum in Groningen, and the only one in the Netherlands that highlights comic strips. See comic strip heroes such as Suske en Wiske, Jan, Jans en de kinderen, Dirkjan, and many more. The museum has been divided into special halls for children, adults, and connoisseurs. In addition to an extensive collection of old and new comic strips, there are regular changing exhibitions. See how comic strips are produced; sometimes, you can see a strip cartoonist at work.

Universiteitsmuseum (University Museum)

The Universiteitsmuseum has an extensive collection of instruments and objects used at the University of Groningen, including material for medicine, biology, physics, (Let op: in de brontekst staat 2x ‘biologie’), and psychology. The collection also includes minerals and fossils, in addition to prints and costumes.

Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum (Nautic Museum)

The Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum ( Nautic Museum) shows the history of trade across Groningen waters.

Grafisch Museum (Graphic Museum)

The Grafisch Museum provides an overview of the history of the art of printing, from the earliest methods to modern-day, with regular changing art exhibitions.

Houwerzijl Tea Museum

The tea factory and tea museum are housed in an old church and parsonage. Learn all there is to know about the production and different kinds of tea. The tearoom has the most extensive tea menu in the world, and there are different kinds of tea available in the tea shop.

Nienoord Groningen Estate House/National Carriage Museum

The current Nienoord Groningen estate house in Leek dates from 1887 and was rebuilt on the spot where the original Groningen estate house was located until 1850, which sadly burned down. The National Carriage Museum is located in the estate grounds and includes a large collection of coaches, carriages, and horse-sleighs.

Ter Apel Museum Monastery

This monastery was founded in the 15th century, and is now a museum for ecclesiastical art with regular historic and contemporary exhibitions. The monastery includes a herb garden with approximately 80 types of monastery herbs.

The Hoogland Open-air Museum

This museum provides an image of living and working around 1900 on the Hogeland, the elevated clay area north of the city of Groningen. The museum consists of nineteen old buildings designed in a 19th century style.

Veenkoloniaal (Peat District) Museum

The Veenkoloniaal Museum in Veendam provides insight into the world of peat, peat diggers, barge skippers, and strawboard makers. There are varying exhibitions.