Art in the street

Over 400 sculptures and other works of art are located in the streets within the city limits, some new, others many years old.

Peerd van Ome Loeks (Uncle Loeks' horse)

Temporarily removed due to the renovation of the main station square, it will be back next year: het Peerd van ome Loeks. The white statue, depicting a horse and its owner, was created in 1959 and refers to the popular Groningen folk song “Het peerd van ome Loeks is dood” (uncle Loeks’ horse died). It was made by Jan de Baat and is the city’s best-known statue.

This work of art by Silvia B. is brand new: it was placed at the Emmasingel in front of the Cascade building in October 2004. The sculpture is about eight metres high and depicts a woman who appears to be the example of beauty but upon closer consideration shows defects.

Blote Bet

This statue by Wladimir de Vries depicting the “stedenmaagd” (city virgin) holding an ear of corn in her hand and one foot on a calf lying down fell on stony ground with many city folks when it was placed at the Herebrug in 1953: the girl wore insufficient clothing, her legs were too fat, and her breasts too small. Yet the statue has survived and still keeps its place; some Groningen people now call it “Blote Bet” (bare Bet).

Rem Koolhaas Urinal

Rem Koolhaas Urinal

Urinating against a work of art? This is possible and allowed in Groningen. On the Kleine der A, an artistic urinal was designed for this purpose. Men are strongly advised to relieve themselves in this work of art by one of the world’s best architects, Rem Koolhaas, who designed the object, and the photographer Erwin Olaf, who executed the decorations. This urinal, made of milk glass, was designed on the occasion of “A Star is Born” (cultural manifestation 1996).

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