Modern or classic, ceramics, paintings, prints and installations: real art lovers are at the right place in Groningen. Both the city and province of Groningen have an extensive supply of art objects.

Art-loving Pictura association

The art-loving Pictura association is a platform where artists from the three northern provinces show their work. Founded in 1832 with the objective of promoting visual art in Groningen, Pictura has monthly varying exhibitions on display.

Ann’s Art gallery
Ann’s Art holds at least eight exhibitions a year. Their supply is very diverse and the expansive collection includes both abstract and figurative art. The gallery has a permanent sculpture garden behind the building.

Han Vos art shop

Figurative paintings from the Hague School and Groningen De Ploeg artist’s collective and Chinese works of art from the Han and Tang dynasties: Han Vos art shop has a surprising selection and in addition to purchasing, selling and acting as an intermediary for a sale, they also provide advice and cleaning and restoration services.
Other galleries in Groningen include Anderwereld gallery, Nora de Klein gallery, Stichting Galerie Noord, Stichting Forma Aktua Pinakotheek, Kunstproeverij Erika Stulp, and the Kunstruimte 09.

The province of Groningen has always had a tremendous appeal on artists and artist’s collectives, and still has a large number of ateliers and galleries with modern, classic, ultra-Groningen or sophisticated art available. The stately Ennemaborg Groningen estate house in Midwolda is the gallery, studio and house of visual artist Maya Wildevuur. Artist Henk Helmantel, famous for his still lifes, lives in the magnificent terp village of Westeremden.