When you think of the Netherlands, you immediately think of mills. There are eighty specimen of this magnificent heritage left in Groningen, a number of which are open to the public.

The mills in the province of Groningen provide a wonderful image of agricultural developments. The mills had their own specific function; there are flourmills, hulling mills, sawmills and water mills. The Groninger Molenhuis supports mill owners in keeping or restoring their mills.

The northernmost mill is De Goliath, which also functions as a wedding location. But this is not all: participants of the three-day Fout! De hyperlinkverwijzing is ongeldig. spend the night in this mill.

The mill with the most beautiful name is located in Uithuizen. ‘De Liefde’ (Love) dates from 1866. After the January storm in 1991 that caused considerable damage, it was entirely renovated and is now open to the public.
One of the nicest shops that sells products for home bakers is located in the mill of Peize.