Attractions for children

See comic strip heroes in the Stripmuseum, view the almost 100-metres high Martini tower, or view art in the Groningen Museum or Museum of Natural History. Go skating or climb steep walls: there is something for children in every age category. Search for an adventure that suits your children.

Modern and old-fashioned games

In the Apekooi near the Kardinge recreational area, children can clamber on and under everything. Named after the game in which participants are not allowed to touch the floor, this is the modern variant consisting of a tube system of tunnels, towers, slides and ball bath where children can climb, glide and crawl to their heart’s content.
Children will never forget a visit to Target Laser game at the Oosterkade or Q-Pit at the Zwanestraat. Playing a laser game is like entering a computer game: an exciting adventure for children from eight. If you want to bring a game home, visit Wirwar at the Oude Kijk in ’t Jatstraat 40 which is filled with old-fashioned and modern games and puzzles.

Heroes from past and today

The Nederlands Stripmuseum (Dutch Comic Strip Museum) at the Westerhaven is a delight for children, where they are surrounded by all of their comic strip heroes or can create their very own comic character on paper in the studio. The museum is interesting to adults as well with characters such as Franka, Sjors en Sjimmie, Olivier B. Bommel and other comic characters from the past.

The Noordelijk Scheepvaartmuseum (Nautical Museum) shows how things used to go down on the water. The history of the shipping industry and shipbuilding in the north of the Netherlands is displayed in this museum at the Brugstraat (near the Stripmuseum). The Niemeyer Tabaksmuseum (tobacco museum) is under the same roof and shows an overview of the history of tobacco.

Tucking into savoury or sweet

Have a delicious meal in the ’t Pannekoekschip (pancake ship). Located in the Schuitendiep canal, this ship, constructed in 1908, has 23-metre high masts. The menu includes over one hundred pancakes made according to traditional methods.

Droppie (liquorice) is a must if you are looking for a bite to eat. This sweetshop at A-straat 7 (between the Stripmuseum (Comic Strip Museum) and the Noorderlijk Scheepvaartmuseum (Nautical Museum)) has big jars filled with sweet and hearty delicacies. Go to Bonbon Atelier Schlaman at the Brugstraat 27 for chocolate lollipops.

Other attractions

Other attractions which are fun for children are; Insektenwereld, Familiepark NienoordSprookjeshof Zuidlaren, Ronostrand Roden.