Heritage worth seeing

Groningen has much heritage worth seeing; churches, Groningen estate houses, the historic building of the Open University, the main railway station and the buildings from the Amsterdam School: it is just a selection from an extensive offer.

Many historic Groningen estate houses and churches in the Groningen countryside have been retained. Some of the estate houses and many mediaeval churches are open to the public. The monastery in Ter Apel and the monastery museum in Aduard are also worth seeing.

Guided tours & Themed routes

Guided tours & Themed routes

Platform Gras, the platform for Groningen Architecture and Urban Planning, holds themed excursions and guided tours on a regular basis. There are various wonderful themed walks, such as city walks taking in almshouses, the historic centre or Art Nouveau buildings in the Schildersbuurt district. Groningen is a bicycle city and has various architecture routes, such as the one taking in post-modern architecture, a bicycle ride along Amsterdam School buildings or a route taking in the works of S.J. Bouma, city architect in Groningen from 1924 until 1942.
The Groningen digital architecture guide provides an overview of all the architectonic projects in Groningen.

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