Kiek over Diek

A new bicycle path has been constructed between Lauwersoog and the most eastern tip of the province of Groningen, Nieuw Statenzijl: Kiek over de Diek (A view across the dyke). 90 kilometres long, it traverses the Wadden Sea Area, which UNESCO has included in the World Heritage List. 

The bicycle path runs on, in front of, and behind the dyke, connecting two very special scenic areas: the Lauwersmeer and the Dollard. Enjoy the magnificent view as you cycle on the dyke, with the Wadden Sea Area on the one side and the potato, corn and colza fields on the other. There is also plenty to do and take in along the route both inside and outside the dykes, such as the historic Noordpolderzijl sluice and the salt marshes in the nearby Westpolder.

The bicycle path connects to existing bicycle routes, allowing for recreational tours or a visit to one of the inland places of interest. Hiker’s huts, TOPs (Toeristische Overstap Plaatsen; tourist transfer points) and camper van parking places will be realised to allow for overnight accommodation.


The Kiek over Diek route includes various TOPS. A TOP is a tourist transfer point; a specially designed location from which you can walk or cycle via signposted routes, allowing tourists to easily find the most magnificent places in the region. A TOP is recognised by the over four-metre-high beacon. You can easily add other bicycle paths and trails to create your own Kiek over Diek route at ten different places.

The bicycle or hiking junction networks are very simple: cycle or walk the route by following the signposts from one numbered junction to the next.

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