Activities for children

The province of Groningen has a lot to offer for children varying from a ride on a steam train to a museum where you can play with the toys of your grandparents.

Giant spiders, snakes, kangaroos and lots of other animals can be seen in the Wonderwereld (wonder world) natural discovery centre in Ter Apel. Children go on an exploratory excursion in the subtropical greenhouse, the rat cellar, or the animal pasture. They can also enjoy the playground or play a game. Or let the storyteller take you to a fantasy world.

The Nienoord family park is a special experience for children. They can take a trip on a mini steam train, and water rats are sure to have a blast in the swimming castle (including turrets). There is a super water slide, an exciting waterfall, a water cannon and much more. Or let off some steam in the playground with slides, swings, and merry-go-rounds, a tractor track, scooter track, and an electric horse track.

A snake around your neck and a spider in your hand: in the NatuurDoeCentrum Insektenwereld (natural activity centre insect world) in Leens, visitors can touch as well as feel the animals. There are insects in addition to insectivores and plants that eat insects. If you think insects are scary or useless, you will certainly change your mind after visiting Insektenwereld.

With their big eyes “seal mother” Lenie ’t Hart’s little seals look you right in the eye. See how sick seals are taken in, nursed, and cared for in the Pieterburen seal sanctuary. Learn all there is to know about seals through an exhibition, film, or tour. There is an educational children’s corner and a sandpit for the youngest visitors.