Special overnight accommodation

If you want to spend an extraordinary night in the province of Groningen, at a special location, you have come to the right place. There are many special places to stay in both city and province.

Overnight stays have never been this much fun. Make a visit to Groningen even more special by spending the night at one of the following locations, varying from sleeping in a warehouse to spending the night in pop-art style. Groningen is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

Historic from the outside, modern on the inside

There are two ancient warehouses from the 16th century in the historic Groningen city centre featuring three modernly designed warehouse suites. These apartments include every amenity and guarantee a pleasant stay. In addition, guests walk right into the lively Groningen city centre from the warehouse suites, which makes them perfect for a city trip.

Kleine Butjesstraat 1, Groningen

Sleep like a soldier

If you would like to know where soldiers used to sleep, come and experience it for yourself during an overnight stay in the centre of the historic Bourtange fortress. Spend the night in one of the former barracks or the coach house in one of the 12 comfortable rooms, where you will go three centuries back into time.

Vesting Bourtange
W. Lodewijkstraat 33, Bourtange


Overnight accommodation at its smallest

With one room all-in-all, the Grand Hotel de Kromme Raake may proudly and rightfully refer to itself as the smallest hotel in the world. This hotel in Eenrum has even managed to get a mention in the Guinness Book of Records. The only key of the hotel is kept at reception. If you value your privacy, this is the place to come because you will be the only hotel guest(s) there.

Grand Hotel de Kromme Raake
Molenstraat 5, Eenrum


Artistic overnight accommodation

© Het Paleis © Het Paleis

Art lovers will love staying at the Het Paleis designer hotel, with ten magnificent rooms designed based on ten different artistic trends. From Art Deco to minimalism and from pop art to expressionism; there is something for everyone at the Het Paleis.

Het Paleis
Boterdiep 111, Groningen


Take the train to the Land of Nod

Go back into time with an overnight stay in the STAR wagon of the STAR museum railway line. This goods carriage has been converted into a pioneer wagon, in reference to the frugal and harsh times of the first peat pioneers. The STAR wagon interior has entirely designed according to the pioneer style and has everything you need for a pleasant stay.

Museumspoorlijn STAR
Stationsstraat 3, Stadskanaal


Classic beauty in a comfortable style

You have come the right address at the Westerlee country estate if you are looking for luxury, comfort and a classic style. Located in the natural Oldambt region, this former country house has been converted and has magnificent hotel rooms with every amenity for optimum relaxation. Would this sound like something for you?

Landgoed Westerlee
Hoofdweg 67, Westerlee


Safari tents at the Meerwijck campsite

© Marcel Kerkhof © Marcel Kerkhof

Go glamping: adventurous and glamorous camping on the banks of the Zuidlaardermeer. These stylish six-person safari tents at the Meerwijck campsite are designed using scaffolding wood and have six comfortable beds, including a box bed and canopy. Upon entering, your reaction will undoubtedly be something like: 'wow, this is great!’ There are lounge sofas, a dining area with six chairs, a bathroom with a sink, and a kitchen with a refrigerator and gas cooker. All in all, the accommodation is sturdy and comfortable and just what you need after a day of cycling or on the water. And the fireplace will ensure you are nice and warm in no time. 

Camping Meerwijck
Strandweg 2, Kropswolde


Berenhotel at the Buitengewoon Groenhoff campsite

Spend the night in a bear hole in east Groningen and experience the most exciting camping excursion ever. At the Buitengewoon Groenhoff campsite in Vriescheloo, sleep like a bear during hibernation in a lovely warm and snug accommodation. The round bear rooms are 2.5 metres long and 2 metres wide, just enough for a double bed, are dug in a green hill and are partly underground. At the front is a door and a shelter. A bear hole is the perfect place to spend the night: cool in summer and pleasantly warm when it’s cold. The campsite is open from 1 April to 1 October.

Camping Buitengewoon Groenhoff
Dorpsstraat 31, Vriescheloo

Straw castle, Hayema Heerd

Alternatively, consider spending the night in a straw castle, in a canopy made of straw. In Oldehove, a large farm has been converted into a dream palace where you can sleep in the Groningen countryside in a very grand manner. Sleeping in straw is soft, special, romantic and comfortable; beds are made with a thick and springy straw mattress, soft duvets, high-quality bed linen and lots of pillows. If you are looking for a special B & B, consider the straw castle or one of the magnificent outdoor straw igloos, where you look at the stars as you fall asleep. The warm straw provides a lovely place to sleep in winter, with an electric heater if required.

Hayema Heerd
Jensemaweg 3, Oldehove

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