Public Transport

Groningen has an excellent public transport system. From the Central Station it only takes you several minutes to walk to the city centre. Just cross the Werkmanbridge connecting the station and the Groninger Museum. You can also take a bus or taxi. All busses depart from the Central Station.

Public transport

Groningen has an excellent public transport system. Check OV-reisinformatie for your travel information on

City Bus

If you want to do some serious shopping in the city, park your car on one of the four P+R areas, and be comfortably transported to the city centre and back.

Parking is free. Transport by bus for yourself and no more than four other persons can be paid for on the bus. Return tickets are € 2.-. The City bus travels on days when shops are open, including Sunday opening hours. There are car parks at the Sontweg, Peizerweg, and Kardinge Park & Ride.

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