Groningen Airport Eelde

Groningen Airport Eelde is an international airport, just steps away from the city of Groningen. In only 20 minutes, you can reach the city center of Groningen from the airport.


The scheduled service to and from Copenhagen (Denmark) and Munich (Germany).

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The scheduled service to and from London Southend (United Kingdom).
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Charter flights to and from Gran Canaria (Spain) and Antalya (Turkey).
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Charter flights to and from the Algarve (Portugal), Dalaman (Turkey), Crete (Greece), Lanzarote and Mallorca (Spain).
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Corendon Airlines

Charter flights to and from Antalya (Turkey).

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Getting to and From the Airport

The bus connection between Groningen Airport Eelde and the center of Groningen makes it fast and easy to travel to your destination within 20 minutes. The shuttle bus is scheduled in accordance with the scheduled flights to London and Copenhagen, and makes a stop at the Central Station, Zuiderdiep and Grote Markt in Groningen, among others. A one-way ticket costs €5,- and can be purchased in the bus.

Departure Times and Stops
Groningen Airport Eelde to centrum Groningen
Centrum Groningen to Groningen Airport Eelde

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