Car- or bicycle rental

Do you want private transportation? In the city and province of Groningen are several locations where you can rent a car or bicycle.

Car rental

Cars can be leased at Eelde Airport. The Century Autogroep, located in the city near Martiniplaza, has an extensive selection of hire cars, and Van der Molen and Doesburg Autoverhuur have high-quality and affordable cars available also. To lease a van, contact Stuur Autoverhuur.

Discovering Groningen by bike

Why not consider renting a bike when you’re visiting Groningen? There’s no better way to explore the city!

Bike rentals start at €5
Renting a bike doesn’t have to be expensive. You can start discovering Groningen from €5/day, cruising comfortably on a sturdy bike with handbrakes and 7 gears.

Electric bike
Looking for an easier option? Why not rent an electric bike? You can get one for €18/day.

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