Young in Groningen at the CBK (Centre for Visual Art)

thursday 15 october 2009

Young in Groningen at the CBK (Centre for Visual Art)

From 18 October through 3 January 2010, the Centrum Beeldende Kunst (CBK; Centre for Visual Art) will also focus on post-war Groningen artists within the framework of the ‘Jong in Groningen’ (Young in Groningen) exhibition, which is on display in the Groningen Museum this autumn.

In the period 1950-1987, artists could benefit from the Beeldende Kunstenaars Regeling (BKR; Visual Artists Arrangement). Artists received a financial contribution from social services if they submitted a work of art occasionally. Despite the fact that the BKR did not have a very good reputation in those days, it may be stated afterwards that the arrangement yielded many special works of art, which are still part of the municipal art library. The CBK itself even talks about ‘jewels’ by artists who are famous today, such as Jo van Dijk, Martin Tissing and Henri de Wolf.

A selection of the works that originated from the former BKR arrangement is on display until 3 January. After that, they will be incorporated in the CBK lending collection and will be available for lease for the first time.

Some of the works in display in the Groningen Museum are owned by the CBK.

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