'Pinksterfeesten' and 'Vlaggetjesdag' in Zoutkamp

thursday 25 april 2013

Once a year, during the traditional 'Pinksterfeesten' (Whitsun festivities), it is party time for four days in the village of Zoutkamp. The high point of the fisheries party, celebrated since the 16th century, is 'Vlaggetjesdag' (Flags Day).

The picturesque village of Zoutkamp is a hive of activity for four successive days. The entire Zoutkamp fleet lies in the harbour decorated with flags. The village square is the fairground. Live music radiates from the cafés and pubs; there are demonstrations, markets and exciting games.

Whit Monday (20 May) is traditionally the time to celebrate 'Vlaggetjesdag'. The large fair in and around the inner harbour attracts many thousands of visitors each year. The best-decorated and maintained ship is announced in the afternoon: the 'Koninginneschip' (Queen's Ship). According to the organisation, the arrival, by ship, of the new shrimp queen is the absolute highlight of the day.


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