Tourists award Groningen an 8.4

wednesday 12 october 2016

Tourists award Groningen an 8.4

According to a survey by the Sweco research agency by order of the municipality of Groningen and Marketing Groningen among tourists who spent one or several days in the city, tourists rate the city of Groningen with an 8.4.

The survey indicates that shopping – including a visit to the market – and exploring the historic places of interest are the main reasons to visit Groningen. The high-spirited ambiance in the city and the extensive number of high-quality shops and catering establishments ensure that visitors stay in the city for a longer period of time.

About 10 to 15 percent of German tourists who come to the city for one day visit the Martini Tower and/or the Groninger Museum or take a cruise of the Groningen canals; activities which are also popular among tourists who stay in Groningen for longer than one day.

The city is drawing an increasing number of foreign tourists, most of whom are German. The high rating from these visitors is mainly passed on by word of mouth advertising, which will attract new tourists to Groningen.

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