Top pieces of the Brücke Museum in Groningen

thursday 15 october 2009

Top pieces of the Brücke Museum in Groningen

From 3 December, top pieces from the Brücke Museum in Berlin will be on display in the Groningen Museum.

The exhibition, which is to be held in the Ploeg pavilion, will consist of 150 works of art, to include paintings, drawings, graphic art and sculptures by Brücke members Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Erich Heckel, Karl Schmidt- Rottluff, Fritz Bleyl, Max Pechstein, Emil Nolde, Cuno Amiet and Otto Mueller.

Until today, the artists’ collective which was established in Dresden in 1905, is known to be one of the main pillars upon which North-European Expressionism is based. The rapid and schematic shapes and expressive colours, often in contrasting combinations, are typical of the Brücke Expressionism. Subjects of the Brücke artists included townscapes, landscapes and variety theatre. In 1913, the collective broke up and the artists went their separate ways. In the 1930s, the work by Brücke members was labelled as degenerate art by the National Socialist regime. In the 1920s, some of the painters of the De Ploeg artists’ collective were inspired by the Brücke Expressionism.

The exhibition is on display until 11 April 2010.

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