The first names of the EuroSonic Noorderslag 2011 have been announced

wednesday 03 november 2010

The first names of the EuroSonic Noorderslag 2011 have been announced

From 12 through 15 January, Groningen will be the backdrop of one of the most popular pop music festivals in the Netherlands: EuroSonic Noorderslag. The first names of the bands that will be playing have been announced. The festival will feature a total of circa 260 acts, most of whom are international acts.

The go-ahead of the festival is given with EuroSonic, which takes place on Thursday and Friday. Every year, a different European country takes centre stage during EuroSonic, but because this is the 25th anniversary of the festival, this time focus will be on the Netherlands. However, this certainly does not mean that the line-up is not internationally oriented. The first names announced include acts from Austria, Finland, Portugal, Iceland and Bulgaria.

Noorderslag will take place on Saturday in the Oosterpoort cultural centre and the Groningen city centre. This festival for Dutch talent includes the presentation of the Popprijs (Pop Music Award).

Names confirmed by the organisation include Ginga (AT), Selah Sue (BE), Balthazar (BE), My Little Cheap Dictaphone (BE), Akaga (BG), Květy (CZ), Vinnie Who (DK), Aides (EE), Villa Nah (FI), Ben L'Oncle Soul (FR), LaBrassBanda (DE), E.Z. Basic (HU), Dikta (IS), Malika Ayane (IT), Heathers (IE), Traumkapitän (LU), Cuibul (MD), Kvelertak (NO), Sean Riley & The Slowriders (PT), Anni B Sweet (ES), Britta Persson (SE), Junip (SE), Filewile (CH), Oy (CH) and Islet (UK).

More information about the line-up of EuroSonic Noorderslag 2011 is to follow shortly; the website will be updated regularly with new names and other information about the 2011 event.

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