Polar night in Groningen

tuesday 02 november 2010

Polar night in Groningen

During the period when the sun no longer rises above the horizon on the North Pole, the Poolnacht (Polar Night) of Groningen takes place, which includes lectures, an ice sculpture exhibition, guided tours, films, and a visit to a polar room where you can imagine yourself to be a real polar explorer. 

The University Museum will have objects on display that polar explorers have collected through the years, and will feature an archaeological excavation.

Within the framework of the Polar Night, the Images art cinema has selected twenty films, documentaries and children’s films that provide an image of life in the polar region, its countryside and local residents. Films will be introduced with a lecture by experts and polar explorers.

A special walking route has been compiled through Groningen city centre, to take in photographs by explorers, travellers and art photographers and photos in shop windows.

The Polar Night is held from 15 November 2010 through 15 January 2011.


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