Old times are revived at the Bourtange fortress

tuesday 06 march 2012

Old times are revived at the Bourtange fortress

During the weekend of 12 and 13 May, the fortified town of Bourtange returns to former days when the ‘Slag om Bourtange’ (Battle of Bourtange) is re-enacted. The city returns to the year 1814, the Napoleonic era.

On both days, about three hundred commanders, cannoneers, musketeers, pikemen, colour-bearers, drummer, camp followers and guardians come to the fortified city, all of them volunteers. The banging of the muskets, the booming of cannons, pikemen with long pikes and campfires at the camps will certainly stir the imagination. The residents stay in encampments and their clothing, weapons, kitchenware, tents, camp life and eating habits are exact copies of those days.


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