Kerk&Zo (Churches and More) will be back again this year

monday 08 june 2009

Kerk&Zo (Churches and More) will be back again this year

Kerk&Zo, the project in the city of Groningen where a number of churches and the synagogue are open continuously to the public will be repeated this year. The second edition of Kerk&Zo is scheduled from Saturday 29 August through Saturday 12 September (Open Monument Day).

The objective of the project is to improve the visibility and accessibility of the religious heritage found in the city of Groningen.

The reasoning behind this project is that the major religious heritage Groningen enjoys is insufficiently taken advantage of as far as cultural-tourism and heritage education is concerned. The fact that this situation can be improved upon has been shown by a city with a comparable supply of city-centre churches. In the city of Utrecht, the Kerken Kijken (Viewing Churches) was successfully held for the 27th time, with support from the local authority.

In Utrecht, every year a host of volunteers are active in the participating churches and, prior to the event, go on an excursion together. What could possibly make more sense this year than their visiting Groningen? And this is exactly what they will be doing on Saturday 6 June. About one hundred guides from Utrecht will head for Groningen to check out Kerk&Zo and will be offered an interesting day programme which will naturally include visits to a number of churches to be included in Kerk&Zo.

The following religious buildings will be part of Kerk&Zo: Der Aa church, Remonstrant church, Martini church, Lutheran church, Pepergasthuis church, Pelstergasthuis church, St Jozef cathedral, Folkingestraat synagogue, Mennonite church and the Russian Orthodox church. More churches will be opened to visitors this year than ever before.

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