Groningen, Metropolis of Taste 2011

tuesday 19 october 2010

Groningen, Metropolis of Taste 2011

The Week of Taste organisation has proclaimed Groningen the Metropolis of Taste 2011. For one year, both the city and province of Groningen will promote delicious and taste-conscious food. Throughout 2011, festivities will be held linked to the designation of Metropolis of Taste. 

The climax will take place in September 2011 during the Week of Taste, where the thread of all activities will be ‘honest and fair food with pure taste and emphasis on regional produce’.

Groningen is distinguished this way because of its honest and healthy food, usually regionally produced. This is why Groningen will promote the taste and purity of products and awareness of the origin of products.

The central theme of Groningen, Metropolis of Taste will be ‘Simplicity is golden’, because golden refers to the honest food with a golden rim, and ‘golden’ in Groningen dialect means ‘good’ and thus stands for honest regional products.

Together with other parties such as the local council and the Province, Marketing Groningen will compile the programme of activities for 2011. Previous winners included Valkenburg, Zwolle and Amsterdam. This year, Den Bosch is the Metropolis of Taste, and in January 2011, Den Bosch will officially transfer the predicate of Metropolis of Taste to Groningen.

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