Groningen gardens open to the public

tuesday 06 march 2012

Groningen gardens open to the public

Groningen has numerous special gardens that stand out because of the plants and flowers, or through their design. With a huge number of gardens, this summer the public is introduced to the Tuin & Kunst Tiendaagse (Garden & Art Ten-Day Event). The gardens also function as a backdrop for art and culture.

The programme includes an exhibition by botanical artist Janneke Brinkman-Salentijn, who will celebrate her 25th anniversary with a retrospective exhibition in the Fraeylemaborg in Slochteren. During the Zomertuinmarathon (Summer garden marathon), the most spectacular Groningen gardens will be open to the public and artist Maya Wildevuur will give painting workshops at the Ennemaborgh in Midwolda. In Westeremden, artist Henk Helmantel will hold lectures and guided tours, and at the Verhildersum Groningen estate house in Leens there will be an exhibition by Theo Leijdekkers.

The Tuin & Kunst Tiendaagse takes place from 15 through 24 June.

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