Golden tower of the Groningen Museum in black

tuesday 20 july 2010

Golden tower of the Groningen Museum in black

Until late August, the golden tower of the Groningen Museum in Groningen will be covered in black. The plates that provide the tower with its striking golden colour are scheduled to be cleaned. 

The activities are part of a major renovation of the 15-year-old museum. The number of visitors has by far exceeded expectations, and made this more than necessary. The worn-out floors will be replaced and the exterior of the architectonically distinctive building will be dealt with also.

After removal, the gold plates will be cleaned and provided with a new shiny layer. The coloured tiles of the Mendini pavilion, faded by sunshine, will be replaced by ceramic tiles produced by Koninklijke Tichelaar and once again designed by Italian architect Mendini.

The Groningen Museum will reopen its doors in December. Until then, the museum will be housed at its former location, with an exhibition of works collected by the museum between 1894 and 1994.

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