Celtic Midwinter Festival in Bad Nieuweschans

wednesday 03 november 2010

Celtic Midwinter Festival in Bad Nieuweschans

From 17 through 19 September, the village of Bad Nieuweschans near the German border will be all about the Celtic Midwinter Festival ‘Yule’. For three days, the village will return to the days of the fiery Celtic Middle Ages.

There will be music by Celtic Folk Band Rapalje and band Iliana. Visitors can have a look in a Celtic settlement where they can see how Celts and Germans lived in the Iron Age. There is a Celtic goods market where heavy winter fare and hot drinks are served.

Midwinter is known under various names, such as Winter Solstice, Joel, Yule Tide and Saturnalia. Between 20 and 22 December, the sun will reach its lowest position on the Northern Hemisphere. According to Celtic tradition, in this night the Goddess gives life to the light and the sun returns. For thousands of years, the Winter Solstice is celebrated by many cultures throughout the Northern Hemisphere.


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