Bud Gett Hostels opens its doors in Groningen

tuesday 09 june 2009

Bud Gett Hostels opens its doors in Groningen

Bud Gett Hostels – a division of the Martini Hotel Group – has opened a new ho(s)tel at the Rademarkt in the Groningen city centre. 

With thirteen rooms able to accommodate two to ten people, a total of 64 people can spend the night in this hostel. The private rooms are perfect for families with children or for guests looking for a bit more privacy. Each room has its own sanitary unit consisting of a shower, lavatory and washbasin. There are a number of units available out in the hall for those who do not want to wait. Rooms also come with a television connection, free WiFi and lockers for safe storage. The hostel has been designed in the Mondriaan style.

For more information about the hostel, go to www.budgetthostels.nl.

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