Groningen estate houses

In former centuries, Groningen estate houses were the magnificent country seats of local nobility. They usually originated as stone houses; a simple defence work from the 14th or 15th century with thick walls where farmers could flee in times of danger.


This prominent estate house is designed in an 18th-century style with a rich interior which partly comes from other Groningen estate houses. It is located on a spacious area with moats, gardens, boulevards, drive way and rosarium.


The first bricks of the Fraeylemaborg Groningen estate house were laid prior to 1300. Through the centuries, it has developed from an austere stone house into a little ‘French castle’ with an elegant tower, moat and magnificent garden.

Landgoed Nienoord

This stately estate house was built in 1885 and 1886 and is surrounded by a park that is part of the National Carriage Museum, where approximately 300 carriages and accoutrements are on display.



The Groningen estate house with its boulevards, gardens and moats is the very centre of the country estate. After various renovations, the current building can be compared to the longhouse from the fifteenth and sixteenth century.


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